HP DeskJet 3630 Scan Using Webscan

The HP DeskJet 3630 there's a 60-sheet input tray and a 25-sheet output tray with support for normal paper (up to 90gsm), HP card and HP photo paper (300gsm); if you're printing on photo paper the prints are borderless, and on A4 the margins are a tiny 3mm. Print quality is up to 1200 x 1200, with an effective 4800 x 1200 if you're printing on specific HP photo papers and your source is 1200dpi. The scanner is 1200dpi, and photocopying delivers 600 x 300 dpi.

Before HP DeskJet 3630 scan using webscan you setup web services
Before you set up Web Services, make sure your printer is connected to the Internet using a wireless

HP DeskJet 3630 Scan Using Webscan
To set up Web Services

  1. Open the embedded web server (EWS).
  2. Click the Web Services tab.
  3. In the Web Services Settings section, click Setup, click Continue, and follow the on-screen instructions to accept the terms of use.
  4. If prompted, choose to allow the printer to check for and install printer updates.
  5. If a printer update is available, the printer downloads and installs the update, and then restarts. Repeat the instructions from step 1 to set up Web Services.
  6. If prompted for proxy settings and if your network uses proxy settings, follow the on-screen instructions to set up a proxy server.
  7. If you do not have the proxy details, contact your network administrator or the person who set up the network.
  8. When the printer is connected to the server, the printer prints an information page. Follow the instructions on the information page to finish the setup.

HP DeskJet 3630 Scan using Webscan

  1. Webscan is a feature of the embedded web server that lets you scan photos and documents from your printer to your computer using a web browser.
  2. This feature is available even if you did not install the printer software on your computer.  By default, Webscan is off. You can enable this feature from the EWS.
  3. If you are unable to open Webscan in the EWS, your network administrator might have turned it off. For more information, setup wireless network administrator

To enable Webscan

  1. Open the embedded web server.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. In the Security section, click Administrator Settings.
  4. Select Webscan to enable Webscan.
  5. Click Apply.

To scan using Webscan

Scanning using Webscan offers basic scan options. For additional scan options or functionality, scan from the HP printer software.
  1. Load the original print side down on the right front corner of the scanner glass.
  2. Open the embedded web server. For more information,
  3. Click the Scan tab.
  4. Click Webscan in the left pane, change any settings, and then click Start Scan.

Tips for Copy and Scan Success

Use the following tips to copy and scan successfully:
  1. Keep the glass and the back of the lid clean. The HP DeskJet 3630 scanner interprets anything it detects on the glass as part of the image.
  2. Load your original, print side down, on the right front corner of the glass.
  3. To make a large copy of a small original, scan the original into the computer, resize the image in the scanning software, and then print a copy of the enlarged image.
  4. To avoid incorrect or missing scanned text, make sure the brightness is set appropriately in the software.


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